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nigerian defence academy journal of environment and sustainable development (AJESUD)

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The center for energy and environment (CEEDA) is one of the centers of excellence in the Nigerian Defence Academy established to carry out and coordinate multi-disciplinary researches that would address critical military priorities in energy security and environmental sustainability for the overall development of Nigerian society. Within the center’s research policy thrust, there is the need to establish a journal in order to meet the research oriented programs of the academy. Although, there are existing journals in both faculties of science and Art & social sciences, additional publication outlet especially in the field of environment and sustainable development is imperative

Journal Description

Sharing knowledge and scholarship with others is an important process in the academia. Such communication takes place when research outcomes are published in peer-reviewed journals. The proposed Academy Journal of Environment and Sustainable Development would be a unique an innovative multi-disciplinary platform for publication of original research. The journal will provide an opportunity for academician, cadets, and other practitioners within the areas of environmental sciences and other related disciplines of sustainable development with a high quality outlet of publication.

Aim and Objectives

The aim of the journal is to provide a unique and innovative outlet for publication of original research that would address essential military priorities with specific bearing on environmental sustainability issues across a broad range of educational fields. The journal seeks to achieve this aim through the following objectives;

  • To disseminate emerging multidisciplinary knowledge and provide a high quality, affordable and timely journal to academics, cadets/students, scientists, practitioners and professionals within and outside the Academy.
  • To provide cadets and young scholars with valuable experience as budding authors through promoting research and development work in technologies appropriate to the needs of Military and local environment.
  • To encourage cadets and other graduate students involved in thematic research leading to publication in the journal and convey cutting edge knowledge to professionals.
  • Promote group research and Increase environmental awareness among academics and bring Academy’s attention to the global and local environmental issues to enable informed decision making.
  • To enhance academic excellence through researches in sustainable resource management and renewable energy and allow interested person read and interact with original research.

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